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Monthly payments for preventive care in Round Lake, IL - Fox Lake, IL - Ingleside, IL - Wauconda, IL - McHenry, IL - Grayslake, IL - Volo, IL - Hainesville, IL - Lakemoor, IL

Pets Need Preventive Care Too!

At Valley Lakes Veterinary Clinic, we strongly believe prevention is key in health care for our patients.  Routine lab tests and twice yearly physical exams are simple preventive measures which may spot early signs of trouble that can go unnoticed.  Many pets that seem normal upon physical examination can have underlying problems that can only be detected by simple lab tests.

The goal at Valley Lakes Veterinary Clinic is to prevent or minimize disease and illness so that your pet can live a long, healthy life.  Because our pets cannot tell us when they are in pain or just feeling under the weather, regular check ups with your veterinarian is very important.  Feel free to bring in a written list of your concerns when you visit Dr. Hartman.

New products and technology are making prevention easier all the time.  In the past, we focused on treating sick animals.  Now we are turning that focus to a comprehensive approach to wellness. This prevention centered method will result in improved quality of our pets’ lives.

With your budget and prevention in mind, we have created Preventive Care/Wellness Plans.  These plans were designed with optimum wellness in mind for our patients.  This is the same level of wellness we provide to our own pets.  These plans enable you to seek that level of care with bite-sized monthly payments. 

Wellness plan members receive discounted office call/exam fees, discounted nail trims, regular service discounts and FREE VACCINES!
(Free vaccines for adult & senior pets only.)

New adult or senior patients will need to be examined by our veterinarian and deemed healthy before signing up on our wellness plan.  This examination is NOT an included service in the wellness plan.  Not all patients are eligible for our wellness plan.  These plans were not designed for the pet who has health issues such as but not limited to; cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, Addisons Disease or Cushings Disease. 

 Please click on the links below to learn more about our plans

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 Adult Dog Wellness Plan
Adult Cat Wellness Plan
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